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The Philippines' swelling population is causing fishing villages to embrace birth control for the first time. And not just as a means to plan their families: They also see it as a path to long-term food security, ensuring that future generations enjoy the same abundance of fish.
More than ever before, local police across the U.S. have transformed into small army-like forces using billions in grants from the federal government. With body armor and other tactical apparel, many officers now look more like combat troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan than cops on the beat.
In the latest push by federal law enforcement agencies to nationalize criminal intelligence data gathered by state and local police, Minnesota is weighing whether to link a statewide database with an FBI information-sharing system, despite concerns by privacy and open-government advocates about the accuracy of such data, among other issues.
A former intelligence specialist with Immigration and Customs Enforcement pleaded guilty last week to embezzling more than $50,000, the second agency employee recently convicted in an unfolding travel voucher kickback scheme that stretches from Arizona to Washington.
The European Court of Justice rejected an effort by U.S. airlines to block implementation of a new European Union directive requiring all air carriers to account for their greenhouse gas emissions.
Mimi Wells is a multimedia journalist currently embedded in eastern Afghanistan with the Second Battalion, 27th Infantry regiment with the support of CIR and the Dick Goldensohn Fund. Watch for videos later on this site.
CIR Producer Marjorie McAfee follows the story of Ursula Sladek, one of Germany's most famous atomic activists, who overtook her town's power grid. From her small corner in the Black Forest, Sladek showed her country – and the rest of the world – that it's possible to replace nuclear power with renewable energy sources.
The businessman behind an ambitious effort to field an alternative, nonpartisan presidential candidate has paid millions of dollars in delinquent taxes and penalties for his part in an alleged tax shelter scheme, records and interviews show.
California's lenient regulation of medical marijuana has drawn the attention of users, growers, lawmakers and law enforcement officials worldwide. Meet those involved with the marijuana trade and explore how some local governments are dealing with the drug.